The Kansas State Troopers Association utilizes direct mail campaigns during the year to raise funds.  

KSTA LogoThe Kansas State Troopers Association does not solicit funds by phone.

Direct Mail Campaign

Each year in the spring and fall, we contact Kansans through a direct mail campaign for those who prefer to receive an opportunity to donate by mail, and not by phone. Donations can be made to the Kansas Troopers Foundation or the Kansas State Troopers Association.  Donations to the Foundation support such purposes as medical expenses for officers injured, natural disasters, after prom programs, and scholarships. 

Donors of various levels are recognized with window stickers, a Trooper Emergency Kit, and/or a plaque engraved with their name at our KTF/KSTA headquarters in Topeka.

Learn more about the Foundation at

Thank you for your support of this campaign!

Solicitation Disclaimer/Caution:

Periodically our office receives calls - or Troopers are asked by people on the street - if we are soliciting funds for advertising or support for the Kansas State Troopers Association.  The KSTA solicits support for the two campaigns as stated above.  STATE TROOPERS DO NOT PERSONALLY SOLICIT FUNDS FOR THE ASSOCATION.

Unfortunately, there are those who would use our good name, or a variation of it, to try and solicit funds for their own good.  The following organizations listed have NO AFFILIATION AND DO NOT BENEFIT the KSTA:

American Federation of Police - Washington DC
The Interstate Patrol Magazine - Houston, TX
Police Times Association - Washington, DC
The Highway Trooper Magazine - Houston, TX
International Association of Auto Theft Investigation - Denver, CO
The Law Officer - Washington, DC
The State Police Offiers Journal - Houston, TX
The Deputy Sheriff - Washington, DC
Drug Enforcement Journal - Houston, TX
International Union of Police - Washington, DC
American Association of State Troopers - Tallahassee, FL
The Law Officers Journal - Houston, TX
Trooper Recovery Journal - Washington, DC
The Police Investigator - Washington, DC
The Highway Patrol Magazine - Houston, TX
The Law Enforcement Journal - Houston, TX
United Troopers Journal - Houston, TX

We suggest you keep this list to refer to when your residence receives telemarketing solicitation calls.  Additionally, we invite you to call us toll-free to report rude or suspicious telemarketing calls you might receive - 800-550-5782.