About Us

The Kansas State Troopers Association is a professional organization of Kansas State Highway Patrol Troopers, Kansas Motor Carrier Inspectors, and Capitol Police.


Kansas State Troopers Association
1200 SW 10th Ave.
Topeka, KS 66604

785-234-4488 or 800-550-5782
Fax: 785-234-2433

Email the KSTA office - kstaoffice@kstroopers.com

Executive Vice President - Steve Kearney
Events, Membership & Financial Manager - Melissa Munoz


  • To foster, protect and promote the welfare, safety, and work-related interests of Kansas Highway Patrol Troopers.
  • To encourage and promote the constant improvement of public service by the Kansas Highway Patrol.
  • To foster and encourage a high degree of skill and efficiency, to cultivate friendships among its members, and to promote harmonious relations between all members of the Kansas Highway Patrol.


  • Representation by legal counsel or others during critical incidents, grievances or other similar issues
  • Accidental Death Benefits
  • Emergency Aid and Assistance
  • Quarterly Kansas Trooper magazine
  • and more.

Learn more about membership benefits here.


The Kansas Troopers Foundation is a 501c(3) organization that has the privilege of assisting In helping our local communities and fellow officers. The KSTA formed the foundation so they could help in a variety of ways by giving donations to help kids, injured officers and families of officers who have been killed in the line of duty.  In addition, the foundation gives out annual scholarships to qualified candidates.  Learn more here.


  • March 1979, several Troopers initiated a show of interest by circulating letters to all troopers in the Kansas Highway Patrol.
  • The KSTA was originally formed as a simple employee organization that could influence improvements in communications and other benefits.
  • It soon became apparent that the long range goals to be a working and viable organization would require the greater recognition offered under the Kansas Public Employee Relation Board laws.
  • In February 1982 the KSTA circulated petitions calling for a statewide election to determine if troopers would choose the association to be their authorized representative in matters of salaries, working conditions and benefits.
  • In June of 1982 the vote was in favor of the KSTA being the troopers authorized representative.
  • The first meet and confer proceedings between the KSTA and the KHP were in October of 1983.
  • In June 2004 Kansas Mobile Motor Carriers became part of the KSTA.
  • In 2008 Capitol Police became part of the KSTA.
  • The accomplishments and acceptance of the troopers association are a good reflection of the worth of the organization.